Five answers to the question of who is god

Having doubts is different from questioning God's sovereignty and attacking His character. And true to her word, she dedicated Samuel to the Lord. Water in plants can therefore flow upward against gravity, bringing life-giving water and nutrients to the top of even the tallest trees. Some people call this evangelism.

I have my reasons for why everything happens. Scientists have no explanation for the sudden explosion of light and matter. He said God exists and you're looking at him. This question is important. We do not like to think about death. At the same time your brain keeps track of the ongoing functions of your body like your breathing pattern, eyelid movement, hunger and movement of the muscles in your hands.

In fact, the day I chose to acknowledge God's existence, my prayer began with, "Ok, you win But the spiritual life for Lehi was not a life of ease. Here are some others: God is not intimidated by questions.

To understand the original question better To understand the person who asked the question better To avoid answering a loaded question e. Let me paraphrase who I consider to be maybe the most honest atheist who ever lived, Friedrich Nietzsche.

5 Questions Every Person Must Answer, Including the Religious 'Nones'

I would also argue that the answers a person of faith offers to these questions, in particular, the Christian worldview, answers these questions sufficiently and consistently. What is it about atheists that we would spend so much time, attention, and energy refuting something that we don't believe even exists?!

What must I do? This astonishment springs from the recognition that the universe doesn't have to behave this way. It was, of course, a protest, a statement more than a question. Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge?

Instead, it is currently composed of two beings who intend to add countless converted humans to the family. I have in my office a quote by the Greek philosopher Virgil that reminds me of my human sinfulness and fragility:The following videos answer those five questions about eternity from a biblical perspective.

Five Ways To Answer A Question

If you have ever wondered who God is, why He created you, or how you can have a relationship with Him, you have come to the right place. So today I want to share five kinds of responses I saw—and see often—that we should avoid when our kids ask questions about God’s existence.

5 Answers That Can Do More Harm Than Good 1. "Wrestling" for Answers: 5 People from the Scriptures Who Asked Difficult Questions. byDr.

Taylor Halverson. Makes You Think. For his diligence and faith in wrestling with God for answers, Enos won God’s promise to spread the gospel among the Lamanites that they might also taste of the beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice and love.

This question fleshes out the simplistic "The Bible is from God" answer. How was scripture written, formed, edited, discovered, critiqued, and inspired?

I would tell that child that God is the creator/owner of the universe - us included - and the keeper of the solar system and the one who made everything from the sun to the smallest molecules. If the child asks you something, they just need your o.

Mar 01,  · These questions are but five of a whole host of questions any belief system must ask and answer. The concerning thing about modern-day atheism is not its existence, but its shallowness.

Again, atheism is not new. But one gets the sense that the atheism of the current day is not dealing with the Occupation: CP Exclusive.

Five answers to the question of who is god
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