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So when his best friend comes back into town and wants to marry the man he loves, the last thing he needs is Blaine Anderson following him around. Lemon with a plot.

Why would Gwen ever keep this from Arthur? Criminal Minds - Rated: Years later, these feelings inevitably resurface when Arthur finds the very same Merlin in Camelot, on trial for being a warlock.

They saved Earth, they destroyed the Narada. There is slash in this fic, so consider yourselves warned.

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Poem by Pablo Neruda Misc. And one time he wasn't fast enough. Can be read alone. Slash Criminal Minds - Rated: Four years rainjoyswriting ao3 he sees Sora in the real world. The only thing he can do is try to hold his head about the water.

I have three stories on here and four on Ao3, only one of which are the same. Sequel to "Saving Stephen" in which Connor's timely intervention saved Stephen from getting eaten. How will Sasuke react when a blonde fox demon from his childhood past show's up on one of his missions?

And one time he wasn't fast enough. Inthe OTW in coordination with the Electronic Frontier Foundation successfully submitted requests to the Library of Congress for further exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to allow the fair use of video clips for certain noncommercial uses such as video remixes, commentary, and education, as well as to protect technology used for such purposes.

Now year-old college graduates, they take a roadtrip around the USA, visiting every state in days. Guilt is such a lovely demon. T - English - Chapters: They did it on Wattpad, too, but their response time was much better.

National Treasure - Rated: The script will open in a scratchpad window. Coda to season 1 finale. Joey Wheeler is the heir to a powerful mob family, forsaking his past he chooses to run at a young age, but now the past is coming back to haunt him.

But then Kurt Hummel walks into his life, turning his dream into a complicated affair. A White Collar AU. But for Blaine, one thing is true; the heat of summer is not nearly as stifling as the formality of his life. Someone will miss him. LLight Death Note - Rated: Will Roy take his curiosity too far?

One shot, warning for slash and implied character death.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Chronicles of Narnia - Rated: He has put a lot of effort into the smoke and mirrors act, and it had worked to his advantage- until now. The last thing they expect to find in life is each other.Rebecca's AO3 (archiveofourown.

org/users/DLanaDHZ) Jessica's AO3 (archiveofourown. org/users/JessicaMDawn) Rebecca's Official Facebook Page for. Sep 03,  · AO3 also implied that I was the plagiarist, even though I sent them a link showing when my writing was posted in relation to the version on their site.

I get that there's really no recourse, but it is still annoying to have a site basically give you the finger regarding something like that. Login. Login; CREATE BLOG Join English (en) English (en). Fic recs! (credit for the fanart goes to AMAZING pencilpushingenthusiast) The list will be updated!:) Absolute favourites are in bold 1) Go Your Own Way by Zavocado (M) Kurt Hummel just wants to get.

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) is a non-profit, fan activist organization. Its mission is to serve fans by preserving and encouraging transformative fan activity, known as " fanwork ", and by making fanwork widely cheri197.com: non-profit. Thank you. Last summer I fell head first into the wonderful world of CrissColfer Fan Fiction on cheri197.com 16 months later I have accounts on FF, LJ, AO3, ITC, S&C, F&F (Fancy & the Fury) and so many LJ communities its almost frightening.

Rainjoyswriting ao3
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